My IT background is spread across many different areas.

Internet of Things Projects

Recently diving into the world of IOT, I've begun working on projects for home efficiency and automotive automation. So far, these projects have been centered around the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms. On my plate now is working on a Home Information Kiosk based on Michael Teeuw's Magic Mirror code for Pi. Another project on the backburner is a GUI for my lighting control system for vehicles. Once I start working on it again, I'll post a blog post link here.

Custom Lighting Solutions

From small truck applications, to full HDT and trailers, I've created and installed unique lighting and electrical systems. Some systems have solar panels for charging, and some of the have wireless remotes. To date, I have written all code for these projects. Check out Expedition.Lighting for more information about my personal lighting projects.

Website Design and Management

I enjoy exploring different platforms for designing and creating new websites for personal and commercial use. I use a variety of CMS, and have implemented Analytics software in several projects, providing useful information to increase search engine presence. Check the 'About' tab for more information.


My main 3 hobbies outside of work.

Photography, Lighting Solutions, Website Services

Arduino Based Control Lighting System

IOT Projects

Lighting System

Custom Lighting Solutions

Clubhouse Trailers

Website Administration


Highlights of my professional life.

  • August 2014- December 2018

    Starting from Scratch

    This campus is beautiful! Originally starting in CEAT, I soon transitioned to Spears where I stayed for the rest of my college career. I am currently pursing a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems with an Information Assurance emphasis.

  • August 2015-June 2017

    Developing Soft Skills

    Starting in August 2015, I came on staff for Housing and Residential Life, working as a Resident Assistant in Drummond Hall. I also supported Wentz Hall, and worked as an Ambassador for the department during the summer, providing tours of residential halls to prospective students and families. I learned valuable communication and problem de-escalation skills from the role.

  • September 2015

    First Client Site Launched

    My first big web project launched! Made from a simple platform, it was my first exposure to web development. See it here!Since launch, I have continued to manage the site, and have employed some good meta tags to increase SEO. I also run all social media accounts, and perform most photography.

  • January 2017

    Software Services, OSUIT

    I got hired on in a Technical Student Position, working with Omni CMS to transition * sites to the new CMS. I also worked to resolve Software Services Tickets.

  • Summer 2017

    Noble Energy, Operations Applications Intern

    n October of my Junior year, I received a wonderful opportunity to move down to Houston, Texas, and join the Noble Energy Team for 11 exciting weeks. I worked in OppsApps, on an Expansion Project of a new application for internal use.

  • This
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My full resume is linked below!

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Tyler Hadley

"Success is a lot like I-35. There's always roadblocks, it may get bumpy. It may seem like there's no end in sight. But have no doubt, when it's finished, it's going to be something to be proud of."


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I orginally started this landing page as a class project. I will continue to update this page as I improve my webdev skills as well as adding new projects to the list. Thank you for a taking a look around!

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